Yes, my son plays with dolls - Our Rubens Barn Story

“No, you don’t want the dolly… ”

Hang on. Why wouldn’t he want the dolly and why does another mother feel it’s appropriate to tell my son otherwise? Because he’s a boy? Surely not. It’s 2017, where it’s natural to see and support stay at home dads, same-sex couples and gender equality is actually a thing! I wouldn’t want my son to see the world in any other way.

Of course, not everyone has this outlook towards gender stereotyping, thank goodness. But sometimes I just want to scream, wake up! These children are the future and it’s our duty to raise them to be kind hearted, caring, open-minded human beings.

Little Fox loves nothing more than pushing a pink pushchair around the church hall at toddler group. Sometimes he places a baby in there, other times he chooses to push around cars or trains. And it isn’t uncommon for another mum to try and take it from him for their little girl. Would they do the same if he was a girl? Because being female gives them the right to have that particular toy? I think not.

Encouraging Little Fox to explore and have the freedom to make his own decisions we decided to give him his own baby. I want him to feel he can play with dolls whenever and wherever he likes. Not just at nursery or playgroup where they happen to have them. Sorry girls, you’ll have to start sharing those dolls. But in his own home, without other parents judging and questioning our choices.

I’m all about letting toys be toys because if my son wants to play with a doll there is nothing wrong with that. He has a play kitchen and serves me tea and cake on a daily basis which I love. And if his female friends want to visit and play diggers, football or trains then they’re welcome!

Little Fox’s doll is a Rubens Barn Baby, handmade in Sweden it’s a beautiful introduction to dolls. As we’re considering adding to our family I think it’s important he learns more about babies and playing dolls is a great way to do this.

Our Rubens Baby is Erik on the Rubens Barn website. Little Fox has decided to rename him Cruise, I have no idea why, but again, it’s his decision. Upon opening the doll he was really excited, shouting “My dolly!” and their friendship has only become stronger since. From bedtime cuddles, to feeding time and pushing his baby around the house our Rubens Baby is a welcome addition to the family.

I particularly love the dolls for their attention to detail and quality. The Baby dolls are anatomically correct, that’s right, our doll has all the features of a real baby. He even has a tongue! But as they’re a soft fabric and not hard plastic like most dolls he’s also super soft and cuddly. Teaching children to care and allowing gender equality is what Rubens Barn are all about and we love them for it.

Rubens Barn are currently hosting a series of competitions from now until the 2nd of June for new and existing fans to win their own Rubens dolls. If you love Rubens Barn or want the chance to experience their dolls too, make sure you head over to their Facebook and Instagram to take part.


Check back soon for more on the adventures of Little Fox and his Rubens Baby!



  • Naomi Jayne Hill

    I love this!!!
    No one says a thing when a little girl plays with cars so why when a little boy plays with a dolly is it an issue! I love that little fox loves his dolly and I’m sure they will have lots of fun and adventures together

  • It makes me so frustrated when I hear comments about boys playing with ‘girls’ toys, I don’t believe there’s such a thing. My children play with whatever they want, I did get a comment from a bloke once when Jake was playing with dolls but I soon put him in his place ! I love that these dolls are anatomically correct such a refreshing change.

  • What a cute looking doll! Love it – and love that your son does too

  • Toby Goes Bananas

    I’ve seen these dolls – they look fab! We got Toby a doll just before Gabe was born so he could have his own baby to look after, I really don’t understand why anyone would think boys shouldn’t play with dolls.

  • Donna Wishart

    Troy has always loved dolls too and we’ve embraced it. I’m sure he won’t love dolls when he’s a teenager so he may as well play with whatever he wants now x

  • Lucy mackcracken

    What a refreshing read, well done you

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