What's your parenting super power?

I’m a tower building, nursery rhyme singing full time working mum, what’s your super power?

Superheroes are known to wear a disguise. But what about your every day superheroes? Those who have amazing talents but don’t realise just how good they are?

I like to think we all have a special power. Whether that be the ability to wrangle a multitude of children each day or simply keep on top of the laundry! You may find that some things come easier to you than they do others.

I’m able to write a magazine column one handed whilst breastfeeding a toddler and drinking a cup of tea. If I had a superhero name it would probably be something ridiculous. Like the ‘Milk maid’ I feel as though I’m constantly trying to juggle 2 jobs and the house around a Milk obsessed 2 year old. Who also wants to play trains, stickers and paint all day long.

You’d think it would be exhausting but it’s started to become our ‘normal’ it’s a natural part of our day. I multitask the sh*t out of our daily routine, because I wouldn’t get anything done if I didn’t!

npower have sent Peter and Emily Andre off around the country to seek out unique individuals who are parenting with amazing superpowers – people with upbeat, interesting and engaging stories related to caring for babies and/or young children.

From the parents of quadruplets and twins who can handle several bedtimes at once, to a nursery owner and parent who has perfected the tricky skill of getting young children to eat their greens, these heart-warming and inspiring stories will work as a springboard to celebrate the amazing superpowers that all parents possess – and hopefully help them hone a few more!

Now you’ve heard all about my Parenting Super Powers. Check out the nation’s other super powered parents and families at www.familysuperpowers.com2

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