We're summer ready - Ticking off our Bucket & Spade List with Frugi!


Summer is finally here. As those longer days and lighter evenings set in we intend to make the most of it while we can! The lovely team at Frugi know all about summer fun and have asked us to write our very own Bucket & Spade List and start ticking them off.

✓  Eating Ice-cream in the sun!
✓  Staying up late to watch a movie!

To help us along in the warm weather Little Fox received the SS17 Frugi Durgan bumble bee dungarees (£24) and the Little Long Johns Pyjamas (£23). He also wore the Tintagel Dungaree (£24) and other various items we had previously purchased. As a self-confessed Frugi addict, he was all set for our summer of adventure.

✗ Looking for Ducks to feed (There weren’t any today, maybe next time!)

Having read Frugi’s Bucket & Spade List suggestions we were ready to start planning our own. We wanted to choose things that didn’t always mean going far from home but could still be fun. Note they’re also things you can do for FREE! It doesn’t cost money to have fun when you’re small, the simple things in life are both free and fun!

✓  Washing Daddy’s car

Little Foxes Bucket & Spade List;

1. Eat Ice-cream – A must when the sun is shining! ✓
2. Have a picnic ✓
3. Go on an aeroplane for the first time!
4. Watch my first village carnival parade ✓
5. Pick flowers ✓
6. Feed the ducks
7. Stay up late and watch a movie ✓
8. Wash Daddy’s car ✓
9. Go to the beach and build a sandcastle

✓ Enjoying a picnic in the garden

As Little Fox is only 2 there are many things he has yet to do in life. The list doesn’t have to be big exotic things, it can be as simple as picking flowers or eating ice-cream. It’s all fun when you’re young.

✓ First village carnival! – It was so exciting a nap was needed.

As you can see, we’ve already ticked off many of our list. Soon we’ll be going on that aeroplane, taking our Frugi threads with us, and compiling a whole new list of summer fun!

We can’t wait to continue our summer of fun. Having new experiences and introducing Little Fox to all things Summer.

You can find Little Foxes gorgeous outfits, and more, at the Frugi website. Why not print out their Bucket & Spade list and start ticking off your own adventures? We’d love to hear what you get up to!


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