Our extraordinary moments; Den building with Cow & Gate

*This is an advertorial post in collaboration with Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk.* 

Toddlers see the world in completely different light to us. It’s filled with adventure, excitement and fun. Although each day comes with its challenges. I like to make every day activities an adventure, because every day is an adventure when you’re a one year old. 

A favourite activity of ours is building secret dens. Taylor loves to hide under blankets. Whether he’s playing peek-a-boo or simply refusing to get dressed for nursery. These every day moments can be turned around with a little creativity. However difficult it may be to dress a toddler with your head buried under a duvet. It’s also a great way to keep little ones entertained and spend quality time together. Best of all it’s the perfect indoor activity for rainy days. Taylor loves hiding out in a makeshift den, pretending we’re on an adventure.

Using the Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk ExtraordinaryMoments website, we’ve been able to create a personalised story book so we can relive our adventures every day. It’s simple to use and creates a beautiful keepsake story that we can look back on to remember the days our boy wanted to hide under a duvet with us. As we all know these days don’t last forever.

Have you ever spent the afternoon looking for wild animals from the comfort of your own home? Camping in the rainforest or keeping shelter whilst in the North Pole? It’s more fun than you might think. Put on your comfiest clothes, grab a large blanket, and a torch. That’s it, you’re all set for an extraordinary indoor adventure. You could even have a picnic, this goes down a treat when you have a cosy den to sit inside. Just make sure those pesky wild animals don’t sneak in and pinch any! 

Magical den adventures are also perfect at bed time. A nice way to wind down and relax together. Using our torch as the moonlight we can cuddle up under the blanket and read a story. We also create shadow puppets on the wall which always make us giggle. Animals are our favourite, especially when you have to create the sounds too.

A lovely way to end the day. 

Why not create your own magical adventures using the Cow & Gate Growing Up Milk Extraordinary Moments story builder?  From sailing the seven seas to a mission on the moon, you can do it all with a little imagination! 


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