Antibiotic resistance and opting for the pharmacy

From being a few months old our little one has suffered from multiple ear infections. Something that has always been treated with antibiotics. At 2 years old he’s already had 4 rounds of antibiotics for various infections. This seems like a lot for someone so young, I’m always reluctant to take antibiotics unless it’s truly necessary.

Research shows that over the years antibiotics have become less effective as we become immune to them. Inappropriate use of antibiotics is causing a global epidemic of antibiotic resistance, one in four people in the north west haven’t heard of antibiotic resistance.

If someone takes antibiotics unnecessarily they are less likely to work when needed. They can also pass on antibiotic resistant bacteria to loved ones.

Having found that antibiotic resistance is on the rise, and the ongoing struggle the NHS is having to accommodate everyone, we’ve been taking on board NHS advice. By being more aware as to when a GP visit is actually needed we’re reducing the strain on the national health service.

If a GP visit isn’t necessary you can always speak to your Pharmacist to seek advice. This is something we have started to do more often. Although you must take into account the patients age. We opted to visit the pharmacist when Taylor had conjunctivitis and they couldn’t prescribe him the eye drops as he was under 2 years old.

Or, if more convenient, online at places such as The Independent Pharmacy. You can speak to a pharmacist or look up specific conditions and find the best solution to your problem online as well as purchase medication just as you would in store.

Taking into account that not all illnesses need prescription medication, and that some prescriptions can be given by a pharmacist, using valuable time at the GP can often be overkill.

We’re making an effort as a family to be more conscious of when a prescription is needed and refusing antibiotics where necessary. Because it turns out taking them too often or for unnecessary reasons actually does us more harm than it does good!

For further information on antibiotic resistance please visit or search NHS Antibiotics online.

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