4 Furnishings for The Fancy Cat

For those of you who love your cats here are four super fancy items that only the fanciest of cat’s should own. Namely, because the price tags aren’t in every cat owners budget but they’re still nice to look at!


Five books to read in 2013

Initially I was going to write a list of books that would make great Christmas gifts for friends and family, but everyone did that didn’t they? There is nothing better than buying yourself a treat and a good book for the new year is a great way to start! Here are five books in no particular order, that I have really enjoyed and hope you will too.


McFly – Unsaid Things…

Can you remember being thirteen and jumping around your room to ‘5 colours in her hair’ while your mum shouted upstairs to turn it down and get ready for school? I can.
That was ten years ago now, a lot has changed since then.