Happy World Book Night!

World Book Night is a celebration of reading and books which sees tens of thousands of passionate volunteers gift specially chosen and printed books in their communities to share their love of reading. World Book Night is celebrated on April 23. In 2013 it is being celebrated in the UK, Ireland and the USA.

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Book Blog Tour: The Billy and Me by Giovanna Fletcher

The Billy and Me Book Blog Tour line-up has been released! Make sure you visit each blog on their specified day of the tour for special surprises related to the book and the author. Each blog will have their review of the book posted, as well as special content from Giovanna Fletcher herself.

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Book Review: The Accidental Husband by Jane Green

I know that this may come as a shock, prior to reading this book I hadn’t read any Jane Green before, I have heard a lot about her and how she is loved as writer of women’s fiction so this was my chance to find out why.
I was expecting this book to be rather happy and upbeat the title has a nice ring to it and the book is heavily themed around relationships and gossip.

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Book Review: Forgive Me by Lesley Pearse

I was reluctant to read this one, I don’t know why but it didn’t seem like something I would usually read. A book found in the fiction section of which I would usually associate with women older than myself, I’ve never read a Lesley Pearse novel before and didn’t know what to expect. Safe to say I have spent the last couple of days engrossed in it and didn’t want it to end. I’m sure my train to work went faster than usual while I was reading this one!

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Book Review: A Passionate Love Affair With a Total Stranger by Lucy Robinson

A Passionate Love Affair With a Total Stranger is a love story, not your average soppy predictable love story; Lucy Robinson has brought a whole new meaning to love stories and it’s exciting, it’s not just about passion and romance it’s filled with mystery and abundant with hilarity.


The Penguin Readarama

The lovely folks over at Penguin towers have set about encouraging everyone to read more, they plan to make 2013 the year of reading! It really is as simple as reading a book a week.
Talk about it, share your thoughts with everyone but most of all enjoy it. You can read any books you like, or you can follow the reading list along with the reader at Readarama.

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