Exclusive Content: Heroes and Villains by Rosie Blake

Every book I’ve ever loved so much I wish I could have wiped my memory of it just so I could start again (aka the entire Jilly Cooper collection and Harry Potter 1-7), featured an amazing collection of heroes and villains. Better than that, heroes that start out as villains and then surprise you by being the ultimate hero.

Author Interview: Pippa Croft – AKA Phillipa Ashley!

The lovely Pippa Croft answers some question for all of you book lovers! – really hope that readers will identify with what Lauren is going through. Writing a book about young people having an amazing time at Oxford has been a dream come true. Not only has it enabled me to relive my time there, but I’ve also been able, I hope, to tap into the fears, hopes and excitement of the students who are there right now.

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Exclusive Content: The First Time We Met

Today marks the publication of Pippa Crofts new book The First Time We Met, this is the first book in the Oxford blue Series by Pippa. Twitter has been awash with people talking about this book and everyone wants to get their hands on a copy. Here’s why…

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Book News: The Dead Wife’s Handbook Publication Day

Today marks the publication of Hannah Beckermans highly anticipated debut novel and my god is it good! I will share with you my review of this fantastic heart wrenchingly laugh out loud novel in a few days time but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shout about this novel and let you know its here right NOW and you really need to read it! You can also read the first chapter of the book right here – Read The First Chapter

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