We're Konfidence 2018 Swimologist Ambassadors!

When it comes to some basic life skills I’m not the most qualified. I’m still taking my driving lessons, and I’m not the strongest of swimmers. Both of which are skills I wish I had focused on earlier in life.

When Konfidence asked Taylor to work with them as a Child Swimologist throughout 2018 we couldn’t wait to jump in!

Konfidence is a brand we trust when it comes to water safety. When we took Taylor to Disney World last summer, we also took the Konfidence Swim Jacket. A must for the water park!


Teaching our children those all important life skills is something we’re passionate about. So to ensure we help them as much as we can we’ve started with swimming.

It had been a while since Taylor took swimming lessons as a baby. And now seemed like the perfect time to get him back in the water.

Taylor has been taking swimming lessons for two months and his water confidence has rocketed. He’s even rolling around in the bath! When before he would sit upright, avoiding getting his face wet at all costs.

Konfidence has sent us a bundle of lovely products to try on our journey to swimming success. From the warma wetsuit to the baby changing mat and swim nappy. Our little ones are all set to make a splash this summer.

We’re also going to be hosting a giveaway for your chance to win a £50 Konfidence voucher to set you up for this summer!

Taylor has already started to put the Konfidence Warma Wetsuit to the test. And its really giving him the boost that he needs.

We’re heading off to the Splash Landings Water Park at Alton Towers this month to put our Konfidence goodies to the test! Even Dolly has her own little Konfidence baby warma wetsuit for her first swimming experience. Keep an eye out to see how we get on!

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