Top tips for a stress-free family holiday

Look – we’re human. We understand that it’s no mean feat just choosing a destination that you’ll all agree on, but a family holiday shouldn’t be stressful – it should be the opposite. Here are some essential ways to keep calm and enjoy yourselves altogether when you next fly away.


Research your destination – does it have something for everyone?

Perhaps the most important part of the holiday is making sure you’re heading somewhere that’s right for everybody. Sure, Mum might like a relaxed spa retreat, but Dad might like a golfing weekend. And what about the kids? It’s important you choose a location that has plenty to offer for all of you – boredom on holiday cannot be an option. Resorts and complexes are usually a safe bet, as they’ve got a multitude of things to get up to for all ages.


Lists, lists, lists!

When there’s a group of you, somebody’s got to keep everything in check. Make lists so you don’t forget anything when packing, you know what you need to do once arrived, and you know what you want to get up to during your stay. There’s nothing worse than realising you’ve left something behind in a drawer because you forgot about it. If you have everything written down you’re much less likely to forget, which in turn makes you much less stressed! Simple, isn’t it?


Be prepared to compromise

There are always going to be things you won’t all agree on when you’re on holiday. You’ll likely be faced with challenges from the young ones over food, excursions and having to leave the pool at the end of the day. To ensure you keep the bickering and sulking to a minimum, you’re going to have to do a bit of compromising. Don’t take the kids to a restaurant that’s too “a la carte”, for example – try and find a place that offers something good for everyone. Alternatively, make a plan so you can let each other choose on alternative nights.


Don’t be afraid to treat yourself

Just because it’s a family holiday, it doesn’t mean the parents should miss out on letting their hair down – even if it’s just for an afternoon. Check if your accommodation has a kids club, and if it does, use it to your advantage! Kids clubs are an amazing way for your children to make new friends and try something different to the usual poolside routine, especially when they’re toddlers. And, whilst they’re off enjoying themselves, you have time to do the same.


Get out for the day

Why not go and explore? You’ll be surprised at just how fascinating your young ones will find an excursion to somewhere with historical significance – or even somewhere that just looks really pretty. Boat trips and tour guides are great options for getting out of the hotel and learning a bit more about where you’re staying. It might provide the kids with a bit of inspiration and knowledge, and will probably become the highlight of the holiday. And, to top it all off, they’ll be worn out and ready for bed at the end of the day. Everyone’s a winner!



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