Nothing in this world compares to the feeling of holding your newborn baby for the very first time. The moment the midwife hands them over to you your entire world changes.

I remember that moment so clearly, as my partner held onto me whilst the midwife passed him up and I held him to my chest for skin to skin.

One of four midwives who cared for us throughout the 7 hours we spent in the labour ward. And I won’t lie, I don’t remember their names, I was in labour! I remember 15 minutes before he arrived. Just before we started to push that there was a shift change, and the lady who had been there throughout left, handing us over to somebody else.

I remember the amount of blood that covered the floor of the hospital room and the way my body shook. Seeing the midwife calmly clean it up.

I remember the midwife casually chatting to me afterwards as she stitched a tear. Like it was normal because for her it was, it was her normal. Her every day.  For me, it was all surreal.

My second pregnancy and birth were totally different, more complicated. This lead to me being consultant lead and having an unexpected cesarian. But that isn’t to say I didn’t also have an amazing midwife before this.

Because midwives aren’t just on labour wards and in hospitals they’re in GP practices. They’re going door to door providing aftercare in those first weeks before handing over to health visitors.

I may have had a mixture of experiences between both of my pregnancies and births. But midwives played a big part in it all.

Thank you to the midwife who measured my bump and took my blood every two weeks.

Thank you to the midwife who held my hand and gave me reassurance.

Thank you to the midwife who asked how we were when she saw us in the supermarket.

Thank you to the midwife who brought me tea and toast.

Thank you to the midwife who helped me when I passed out in the shower.

Thank you to the midwife who took my newborn for an hour, so I could sleep.

Thank you to the midwife who cared.

Thank you to the midwife who helped me nurse my baby.

For all the things you do big and small. Thank you!


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