How to style for your next getaway!

We’re sick of beach holidays and we’re now looking to explore the world. You deserve a romantic trip away with your other half. But often, an unfamiliar location brings the biggest dilemma — what to pack!

  1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Every Brit wants to take a trip to Reykjavik, especially in the earlier months of the year. Have you considered this location for your quick Valentine’s getaway?

From the snowy landscape to the lit-up skies, you’ll be able to indulge in plenty of scenic views. As well as this, you might enjoy taking a relaxing spa day to another level by visiting the Blue Lagoon. There’s no denying that the climate in the Nordic country is extremely different to our own, so what should you wear?

Boys Suitcase:

A winter coat is essential on a trip to Reykjavik. Rock bright hues that will make you stand out against the snowy backdrop when venturing outside — such as the Golden Circle tour. Hiking boots are also essential on this trip, especially if you’re moving outside of the city centre.

Remember that you can dress up on this trip, so pack something impressive! Shop for some thermals that can be worn beneath your usual nightlife gear.

Girls Suitcase:

No one can brave Reykjavik without a winter coat. Again, you want to opt for something bright that will make you the star of the show when in Reykjavik. Thermals and hiking boots are a must for external trips.

A night out in Reykjavik is very similar to one at home, so you know it’s time for dresses and heels! Remember that you can always keep warm with a faux fur coat — this is something that you can keep in the cloakroom!

  1. Riga, Latvia

Everyone who visits Riga complements its thrilling architecture and we know you’ll love it just as much. This city has so much to offer, so you better be booking those flights!

There’s plenty of excursions in this area too, take a stroll through Central Market or visit one of its museums! But what should you wear?

Boys Suitcase:

You need to prepare for the chillier weather in Latvia. If you’re heading out to the Old City for a romantic walk with your partner, opt for a simple tee and a neutral coloured jacket. Pair with jeans and boots and you’re sorted.

Locals love casual attire, so this will be a perfect place to keep it cool. However, you can’t forget your hats, gloves and scarves for when you’re walking back to your hotel!

Girls Suitcase:

Riga is known for its fantastic dining scene. For visiting quaint cafes during the day, opt for a bold roller neck jumper and match with denim mom jeans, accompanied by some flat trainers and your favourite backpack.

Need an idea of what to pack? For dinner, choose a dress and pair with some chunky heels and wear a faux fur panel jacket to stay on trend.

  1. Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Dubbed as an exclusive city after being built around seven hills, you’ll be thrown deep into the historic culture that comes with visiting this city.

Make sure that you schedule your activities ahead of arrival. Will you be heading to the world’ most intact ancient theatre or taking a trip to an aviation museum? The choice is yours.

Boys Suitcase:

If you love exploring, you’ll need to pack with this in mind. It’s likely that you’ll encounter some rain, so make sure you take a waterproof jacket with and some sturdy boots for your adventures.

On a night time, men’s shirts are the way forward — just remember to pair with some light chinos. We recommend opting for some trainers in this city — you’ll nail the smart-casual look.

Girls Suitcase:

Flat trainers in Plovdiv are a must, but pair with some mom jeans and a fluffy jumper. Take a backpack to keep your belongings in and a jacket for when you get cold walking back to your hotel.

Considered a jumper dress for the night time? You’ll look phenomenal. Remember to opt for a wedged boot too!

  1. Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a destination on everyone’s mind. Flights to this city aren’t too pricey either, so it makes the perfect getaway for the most romantic day of the year while sticking to a budget!

Whether you’re going for the historic trips or the entertainment scene, there’s nothing that can’t be offered here. From partying in the main square to visiting castles and cathedrals, make sure you have enough time to explore everything.

Boys Suitcase:

The city centre in Krakow is perfect for a stroll with your other half. Stay casual for daytime adventures with a striped tee, leather jacket and some denim jeans. You can pull this outfit together with brogues or trainers — it’s entirely up to you!

Brogues should be kept for your evening table reservations too, but this time pair with chinos and a blazer.

Girls Suitcase:

Oversized tee’s are a must in Krakow. Pair these with some flat trainers or knee-high boots that are suitable for walking around the city with your other half.

You can wear almost anything for a night out in Krakow. But for Valentine’s Day date night itself, be the star of the show with a chic dress and matching jacket — and of course, heels!

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