Lighting ideas you never thought of for your home

The lighting in your home can make a big difference to your overall decor and style, and even though the likes of spot lights or chandeliers can create a statement, these ideas might give you some inspiration for a new lighting source in your home.

Make a small change and reap the big difference to the look of feel of your space.

Layer lighting in your kitchen

There are plenty of different options when it comes to lighting your kitchen, and the trick to getting it right for your space could all come down to layering your lighting. You might want a pendant or spot lights in the ceiling, but the chances are you’ll need something else too. Whether that’s under cabinet or plinth lighting; the addition of lights under the worktop could also be beneficial to those who struggle to see inside their bottom cabinets.

Try spots lights in your wardrobe

Going into the depths of your wardrobe is an almighty mission for some, and the installation of some spotlights could make all the difference. The difference will not only be to how the wardrobe looks, but how you treat it too. If you make it look inviting and bright, the chances are you won’t want to stuff clothes in there, you’re likely to be a little more organised. Which can only result in you wearing the pieces that are typically pushed into a ball, in the deep and dark corners of your wardrobe.

Make a statement with bollard lighting in your front

Bring your path to life with the installation of bollard lighting. If you’ve got a drive these will look incredibly expensive and make a huge statement on the exterior of your home. Adding elegance and style, the low-level lights aren’t only practical but add a stylish flair to your outside.

Light your staircase handrail

Make an ordinary element in your home a feature with the addition of LED strip lighting. Lighting on the stairs, or either side does look gorgeous, but it’s been done many times before. Lighting the handrail is something a little more obscure.

Hide your lights behind features like a headboard

Make the headboard in your room more of a statement feature by installing some lighting behind it. The addition of some simple strip lighting will drawer eyes right to this when they enter the room. Plus, if you’ve spent a lot on a gorgeous, plush headboard you’ll want all attention on this.

Make a feature of unusual walls

If you’ve got low or slanted ceilings why not make them a feature in the room with some strip lights. Instead of trying to disguise them, make them a focal point of your room with the addition of lights. You could even use metallic wallpaper so the lights reflect beautifully off the wall too.

Light up your home with brick lights

Want to give the outdoor of your home some illumination? Then why not try brick lights? Easy to install and incredibly robust, add some low-level brick lights to add some ambiance to the exterior of your home. They’re ideal for all around the house to help brighten dark spots or areas, but also provide some soft lighting for when you’re entertaining in the back garden.

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