The impossible task of choosing presents for men

Birthdays always seem to creep up on us. I don’t know about you but I find it so difficult to shop for men. What do they want?!

Each year I struggle to find the perfect present for my partner. As his birthday approaches again I’m at a loss.

He’s not into those little gimmicky gifts that get tossed into a drawer for all eternity. He likes to choose his own clothes, he doesn’t drink often or play video games. Could he be any more awkward?

One thing he does love is technology and high-quality items.

If price were not an object I’d go for something really nice and fancy, like a second hand watch. I wouldn’t want it to be cheap. Even then I could choose a second hand tag heuer and it wouldn’t break the bank, although as a work at home mum it wouldn’t be wise.

A nice work bag, but as a remote worker he never leaves the house.  An apple watch, but he’s always at his iMac or on his iPhone.  Maybe a Sonos speaker for his new office?

Aside from another “Worlds best dad’ mug and other ‘Dad’ branded items, I’m finding it impossible to choose.

Right now I think an experience such a day out as a family, a date night or a cinema trip may be better received?

Something we can all do together, not because I want to hone in on his gift. But because time as a family is rare when everyone works so much. Maybe once our family is older we can invest in high-value items that are less likely to get damaged.

What’s the best gift you or your partner have ever received?


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