Essentials for travelling with a toddler this summer! 

travellingWhen travelling with children the list of things you need to take is endless. I must have gone over it so many times in my head that I’m losing the will to live, what could a child possibly need to go have fun in another climate?

My top tip is to go through an average day with your child, anything you use on a daily basis you will need. But take into consideration the climate, heat, water, sun protection and you’ll need a whole lot more.

Here are some of the essentials we’ll be taking with us on holiday this summer!

What to pack –

Beach magic £5.99

If you’re into the latest “mum hacks” you’ll know talc is praised for the removal of sand from little bodies on trips to the seaside. The only downside is you like Casper the friendly ghost and smells a newborns bottom. Beach Magic is specifically designed to make you look and smell great whilst removing sand and water residue. Its peachy tone eliminates the ghostly after effects and smells like coconut. A must for your suitcase this season!

Snoozeshade £29.99

Babies and toddlers often struggle in hot, humid places. This often results in more daytime napping. Snoozeshade provides spf sun protection on your pushchair/stroller and a safe environment for sleeping.
Frezyderm Kids suncare spf 50+ £18.50

Factor 50 sun cream is a must if little ones are going to be in the sun.
We’re taking Frezyderm. Many indoor pools in hotels and villas have aluminium roof lanterns meaning the sun still comes through and sun cream would be advised!

Konfidence buoyancy jacket £24.99

Little Fox has taken swimming lessons from being 3 months old and has never used armbands. He cannot swim fully unaided though so we’ll be using the Konfidence jacket to give us reassurance and keep him afloat when we’re at waterparks, pools or the beach.

Sheepskin pushchair liner – £49.95

Sheepskin liners keep little ones cool in warm weather & warm in cold weather. They really are rather clever!

Gro anywhere blind – £34.99

The gro anywhere blind allows you to blackout windows whilst away, we’ve used this since Little Fox was a newborn and it’s been amazing. convincing toddlers it’s bed time when it’s sunny outside is difficult!

Babyzent yoyo+ £369

A compact pushchair is perfect when travelling. We use the babyzen yoyo+ at home and can’t wait to put it to the test whilst going away. It’s lightweight and small enough to be taken onboard flights as a carryon.

Milton antibacterial wipes £2.05 and hand sanitizer  
Little Fox is always getting dirty and touching things he shouldn’t be, hand sanitizer is a must! It’s great for on the go nappy changes and the wipes are perfect for tables and high chairs when eating out on holiday.

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