Creating a safe home office environment

Having worked in many offices over the years I’ve seen the everyday things that can cause a threat to employees. From broken chairs to slippery floors they’re more common than you might think.

Having since moved out of this environment in favour of working from home we’re redecorating our home office. And as much as it matters how this creative space looks, it’s also important it is safe. Especially with a toddler around the house who likes to wander in.

Referring to this helpful graphic from Accident Advice Helpline we’re creating a safe place to work. Where hopefully any and all injuries can be avoided. Unlike your busy corporate office environment.

Did you know 360 people a year are injured from items either toppling off of shelves or entire bookcases not being secure? That’s a lot!

Here are 5 ways to ensure a safe office environment –

1. Make sure all shelving is secured to the walls. Many bookcases come with wall fixings as standard. But few people are actually using them.

2.  Check furniture is safe. From arms and wheels on chairs to table legs. Loose legs on chairs can cause people to fall.

3. Keep cables tidied away neatly. Making sure they aren’t a tripping hazard can also reduce the risk of danger the office.

4. Keep surfaces dry, a common cause of injury in the office is slippery floors. Make sure these are well sign posted or seen to before anyone can become hurt.

5. Heavy lifting is a common cause of back injury in the office. Make sure you’ve had the correct training before moving or lifting heavy objects in the office.

Taking these factors into consideration our home office should be safer than most offices. Once the furniture is safety checked and bookcases secured to the wall we can concentrate on the fun stuff. Like what colour to paint the walls?

Have you ever had an injury in a work environment? Check out the office hazards graphic to see how they could have been avoided.

This post is in collaboration with Accident Advice Helpline, all opinions are my own.
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