5 Productivity tips to becoming a better blogger

As somebody who is at home 80% of the time. And with a partner who works from home full time, it can be difficult to stay productive. If I could lounge around in bed watching NETFLIX all day, I would!

Alas, with a family, and a home to run alongside writing, that’s not an option.

The term “productive” can mean something different to everyone. For me, it means accomplishing the tasks that will lead me to my ultimate goal in the most efficient way.

So turn off the TV and get ready!

Here are 5 tips to being more productive as a blogger.

1. Create a dedicated and distraction-free workspace.

Working from home comes with great freedom. Lounging in front of the TV as you catch up on the latest TV series and write sounds perfect. But it’s not conducive to productivity. Create a dedicated workspace that’s distraction-free. Whether it’s a home office or a spot at your kitchen table. Working distraction-free will see your productivity soar. 

2. Focus… 

For starters, switch off social media. Focus on the task at hand and you’ll find it’s completed in a fraction of the time. Working whilst checking social media. Watching TV or tending to home-related tasks isn’t productive. Focus on the task at hand and you’ll see the quality of your work improve as well as the time in which it takes to complete. 

Why not try the Pomodoro technique. If you struggle concentrating on one task for prolonged periods of time. Treat yourself for 5 minutes of social media after 25 minutes of dedicated writing.

3.  A fast broadband connection

This is essential for uploading content. Streaming video and collaborating with others. Especially when uploading hi-res photography to your blog or uploading video content to youtube. Make sure you compare providers to get the best deal for you whilst saving money! With 76 deals available in our area we’re able to save up to £28 a month on 63Mb broadband. Theirs a deal to suit everyone whether you require 10Mb or 60+ like us!

4. Write a task list

Start each day with a task list. I like to go low tech for this. You can’t beat a traditional list using pen and paper. It makes ticking off those tasks all the more satisfying. Make note of each task you need to achieve in a day. Always start with the most important, time-sensitive task first thing.  I like to start with my ‘Big Three’ anything else is a bonus. Then, let the satisfaction of crossing them off your list carry you into the rest of your busy day.

5. Use a Kanban Board to prioritise your tasks. 

A Kanban board is a work and workflow visualization tool that enables you to optimize the flow of your work. This allows you to have a clear view of your projects at a glance. I love Trello for this, it allows me to have a view of current projects, drafts, and completed posts.

Follow these simple tips and watch your productivity increase! Of course, some techniques work better for some more than others. Did this help you out? Head over to Instagram — AFTER you’re done tackling your big three, of course, and let us know what you do to stay productive! 

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