5 Harry Potter gifts for the Potterhead in your life, young and old!

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times – Albus Dumbledore.  And here are a few gifts that would be sure to make any Potter Head smile this year!

I still remember my primary school teacher, Mrs. Pike, reading the first Harry Potter book to our class. My mum bought me The Chamber of Secrets from the Scholastic Bookfair when they came to school. I was hooked. That year my Christmas gifts had a very heavy theme of the boy who lived. I was eight years old, I’m now 31 not ashamed to admit my love for all things Harry Potter is still strong. I’ve even managed to share it with my own children.

Some of the items marked with an * have been gifted to us to feature. Whereas any other items are amongst favourites I’ve purchased for myself and my children.

1. *Kano Coding Kit – Harry Potter Wand £39.99

This particular gift is one we thought was perfect for our 6-year-old. He loved Harry Potter and daddy is a developer so coding is something we’d love for him to learn and enjoy too. Code is part of the curriculum in schools today plays a heavy part in the way our work now works.

2. House of Minalima Philosophers stone book £30 signed

A book like no other, and one that ALL Potter Heads should own. A truly stunning work of art with fold-out, pull out and moveable pieces withing. I highly recommend watching a video to get a glimpse inside.

3. *Wizarding World Harry potter Pin Seeking pins £8.95

For those who love Pin Seeking new house pins from Wizarding World make a great gift and perfect for a stocking filler.

This pin features a Hogwarts scarf design with the wording “You Might Belong In Gryffindor, Where Dwell The Brave At Heart”. against the Gryffindor house colours. This enamel pin is part of the Harry Potter Fan Club Pin Seeking collection and comes with a Gryffindor-inspired backing card with a scannable Enchanted Key that unlocks hidden surprises with the Wizarding World app*.

3. Harry Potter Vans shoes £12

These kids Vans were a total bargain at £12 in the vans online reduction, there are still plenty of Harry Potter styles and sizes available, but be quick as I can’t imagine they’ll be around for long!


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