4 Furnishings for The Fancy Cat

For those of you who love your cats here are four super fancy items that only the fanciest of cat’s should own. Namely, because the price tags aren’t in every cat owners budget but they’re still nice to look at!

1. Catemporary Cat Castle

Every cat needs a castle right? The people at the refined feline have these really cool cat towers that are made of tough cardboard and look real nice too!  You can purchase your own Refined Feline Catemporary Cat Castle and they retail starting from $69.99 approximately £43 if you live in the land of tea & scones.

The perfect castle for the design-conscious cat owner who wants to treat their cat like royalty. This artistic cardboard tower, with a full color print, has multiple levels for climbing and perching.

2. ModKat the designer cat toilet!

This is like an Apple product of the cat pooping world!
My favourite find of 2013 so far, they look fantastic. Very sleek design and nice colours, much nicer compared to the huge dull grey box we have.

ModKat claims that the upright design also means a lot less litter is tracked as your cat is exiting via the top and not stepping out from the front. This is something Luna could do with, she spends 10 minutes per visit banging on the door of her box then brings half of the litter out with her. Which ends up on your feet and all over the place… Silly kitty!

You can purchase a stylish ModKat pooper at Modko, they are also available at some online pet retailers and retail at an average of $180 that’s approximately £112 of designer cat toiletry right there.

3. Cat’s Contour Ceramic Bed

Have you ever found your cat sitting in the sink? Admit it you know all about Cats In Sinks and spend hours browsing them! Well the people at Little Cat Design have made the Cat’s Contour Ceramic Cat bed  based precisely on the fact that cat’s just love being in nice cool sinks. It is perfectly contoured for kitty’s comfort. Designed to mimic the sink experience kitties love. You can purchase a Ceramic Contour Bed from Little Cat Design for $99.99, that’s approximately £62.56

4. Hepper Pod Bed

These pod beds are super stylish, I can imagine most cats would love to hide away in one of these. They’re lined with sherpa fleece and look cosy, so your kitty is as snug as a bug in a rug. I think Dexter would love one of these he is a real cosy cat who loves to be snuggled up and warm.

They also have a removable top so if your cat is afraid of being enclosed you can have it as an open air cosy cat chair.  They are available in many colours and finishes so you can match them to your home furnishings!  You can purchase the Hepper Pod Bed for $110 that’s around £68 British Squirrels.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this one, if you own any of these fancy cat items let us know what you think of them in the comments below!

  • Adam

    meow meow every cat needs a bed :o)

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