Book Event: I want a Blind Date with a Book!

books3How about a Blind Date with a Book this valentines day? No long term commitment required, but this could be the beginning of a meaningful relationship.

I took part in a fabulous book themed secret santa via twitter and the book blogging community over the festive period, and soon it will be Valentines day. You may already have a date but whether you do or not, nothing can beat finding yourself a new book boyfriend, surely?

Book blind Dates are usually held in libraries, books are wrapped with a few words written about them for somebody to choose with the inability to judge the book by its cover. Ours of course will be a little different as somebody else will be choosing your book for you!

Everyone taking part will receive a name and address, all you have to do is take a book, it can be one you already own and love or one that is shiny and new, that is entirely up to you.

Wrap that book up and send it with love for somebody else to enjoy!

This means everyone will have a book to read that they themselves might not have normally chosen. The book can be of any genre their is nothing to stop you but I do think something of the romance genre would be most fitting. You may also include a small note to say why you have chosen that particular book but don’t let them know who you are! 😉


How to take part:

If you would like to take part send an email to myself by Saturday the 1st of February at [email protected] titled ‘I want a Blind Date with a Book!’ include your name and address, you will then receive an email with the information needed for you to send your book on to your blind book date!

In order for postage prices to be fair for all taking part may I ask that you only send your details if you are located in the UK.


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